Mini Detail Wash

Our Mini Detail Wash is designed for the person who needs a thorough inside cleaning and a basic wash outside.


 **Two vehicle minimum required to schedule this service or a single can be added to an existing detail appointment**


Mini Detail Wash Description:

1.Hand wash entire exterior using a premium wash n wax soap.
2.Remove all bugs, tar and other road grime.
3.Clean wheels, tires and wheel wells removing brake dust, road grime, etc.
4.Vacuum all carpet areas throughout entire vehicle. (shampooing floor mats extra charge)
5.Detailed cleaning of dashboard area and center console area.
6.Clean/condition all plastic/vinyl areas on doors.
7.Clean/condition all leather seats.
8.Clean all door jams and finish with interior wax.
9.Clean all windows with Invisible Glass Cleaner for excellent clarity.
10.Dress tires and condition exterior rubber & plastic trim.



Mini Detail Wash Price List:

* All 2 door cars & small/compact 4 door vehicles $60

* Mid-Size vehicles $80

* Extra Large Vehicles $100

* Full Size Vans, Long wheel Base Cadillac Escalades, Suburbans & Excursions $125


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These prices are for a normal soiled vehicle, there will be additional charges for heavily soiled vehicles. Excessive pet hair removal fee is $20. Vehicles with lift kits and large wheels/tires $25 additional charge. Vehicles with lift kits and large wheels/tires $25 additional charge.

Time to complete for small to mid size vehicles runs 1 to 1.5 hours, 2 to 2.5 hours for XL vehicles and 3 to 3.5 hours for full size vans, Suburbans & Excursions depending on exact size and difficulty.



Optional Service Add-On’s


  • Clay bar exterior paint removing all contaminates improving wax bond to paint and improving gloss appearance
  • Add $20 for small to mid-size vehicles and $30 for XL vehicles
  • Polymer paint sealant upgrade lasting 6-8 months (Recommended on any regular driver vehicle)
  • Add $20 for small to mid-size vehicles and $30 for XL vehicles
  • Cigarette smell removal or other foul smell removal
  • Add $40 for small to mid-size vehicles and $50 for XL vehicles
  • Fogged or dull headlight restoration. This is a 3 step process of wet sanding, buffing and sealing the lens back to like new.
  • Add $40 for any vehicle
  • Oxidized (dull) paint or swirl and light scratch removal. Our polymer paint sealant is included in this add on.
  • Add $60 for small to mid-size vehicles and $80 for XL vehicles
  • Carpet and upholstery color dying. Same color or new color change available. Contact us for an estimate.


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