Exterior Only Detail

The Exterior Detail focuses primarily on the outside of the vehicle. Such as applying a maximum protection polymer sealant on the vehicle’s paint or correcting paint related issues such as faded paint, swirl marks or light scratches. Also restoring faded plastic, rubber and  vinyl areas throughout the vehicle.

 **Two vehicle minimum required to schedule this service or a single can be added to an existing detail appointment**


 Exterior Only Detail Description:

1. Hand wash entire exterior, remove all bugs, tar and other road grime.
2. Clean wheels removing brake dust, road grime, etc.
3. Clean tires and wheel wells.
4. Clay bar the exterior paint surface removing all surface contaminants.
5. Remove small/light scratches from paint.
6. Machine wax the exterior paint using a polymer paint sealant designed to last 6-8 months.
7. Polish wheels with wheel polish.
8. Clean all windows with Invisible Glass Cleaner for excellent clarity.
9. Condition all rubber, plastic & vinyl trim with black restorer product.
10. Condition tires with premium tire conditioner.

  • Oxidized (dull) paint or swirl and light scratch removal.
  • Our polymer paint sealant is included in this add on.
  • Add $60 for small to mid-size vehicles and $80 for XL vehicles
  • Heavily oxidized or scratched vehicles will have additional charges.
  • (note: deep scratches will most likely need a body shop repair)


Exterior Detail  Price List:

* All 2 door cars & small/compact 4 door vehicles $105

* Mid-Size vehicles $125

* Extra Large Vehicles $145

* Full Size Vans, Long wheel Base Cadillac Escalades, Suburbans & Excursions $165


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These prices are for a normal soiled vehicle, there will be additional charges for heavily soiled vehicles. Vehicles with lift kits and large wheels/tires $25 additional charge.

Time to complete for small to mid size vehicles runs 3 to 4 hours and 4 to 5 hours for XL  vehicles and 5 to 6 hours for full size vans, Subrubans & Excursions depending exact size and difficulty


Optional Service Add-On’s

  • Fogged or dull headlight restoration. This is a 3 step process of wet sanding, buffing and sealing the lens back to like new.
  • Add $40 for any vehicle


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2 thoughts on “Exterior Only Detail

  1. Had my 2015 F150 detailed at my store. The truck looks better than the day I bought it. Clay bar and wax makes a huge difference. Thank you again

  2. My wife and I had Jerry (first time customers) do our cars, and WOW!!! His attention to detail, taking his time, and professionalism, were top notch.

    I have to be honest. Finding someone to do a full detail on my car, without seeing their work first hand, was a challenge for me. Especially since I normally do it myself. And, being very particular myself. A lot of people don’t meet my standards. Jerry HAS MY BUSINESS FROM THIS POINT ON!

    Prices were fair! He was on time!

    Finally…he passed the big test! Night time driving…when every smear, window streak, smudges, all imperfections show.

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